The main objectives of the Federation are:

To promote co-operation among the professional accountancy bodies in the Mediterranean region in relation to issues of common interest in both the private and the public sector.

To allow the professional accountancy bodies of the Mediterranean area to act in concert with regard to the international evolutions affecting the accountancy profession.

To provide technical assistance to members and assist them in achieving or improving high professional and quality assurance standards.

To arrange the holding of periodic congresses and seminars so as to enable members of the Mediterranean accountancy profession to meet one another in an environment which facilitates
discussion and the interchange of ideas concerning the profession and, in addition, to direct attention to and inform members of the profession in the Mediterranean region about developments in relevant fields.

FCM is committed to making sure that all the constituent parts of the profession are properly represented at regional, international and regulatory levels.
FCM supports diversity and inclusiveness and is engaged in, and committed to, promoting a strong accountancy profession based on the international auditing, ethical, education and accounting standards issued by IFAC and IASB.

FCM has the view that the SMEs sector is currently not sufficiently addressed by the agendas of international organisations and therefore want to embark upon specific initiatives, both internationally and regionally, in order to ensure that the SMEs sector enjoys proportionate priority in terms of regulatory developments.

In light of these values and commitments FCM will serve as a foundation from which to co-operate in developing a Mediterranean common strategic approach to strengthen the capacity of SMPs, and for the promotion of specific initiatives that address the SMEs sector.