The 16th FCM Annual Conference “Audit and its Current Perspective” Istanbul September 14th 2018

FCM 16th Annual Conference under the heading of “Audit and its Current Perspective” will focus on the current Public Interest Challenges affecting the Audit Profession; the Audit Quality Imperative; the Current Audit Standard Setting Model & the Audit for SMEs.

16th FCM Annual Conference Istanbul Graphic design

The Annual Conference will also address the developments that a Digital World will bring about and the role of the Accountancy Profession in this new technological environment largely drawing on the inputs obtained and lessons learned from the highly successful 15th FCM Annual Conference held in Athens last year where more than 300 people attended from different part of the world.

Program 16th Annual Conference Istanbul September 14th 2018



Audit for SMEs -left to right- Philippe Arraou FCM President, Bodo Richardt EFAA President, Jens Röder CEO Nordic Federation of Public Accountants , Panagiotis Alamanos  FCM Vice President.