Euro MED Market

FCM Calls for the Continuation of EuroMed Cooperation Activities in Auditing and Accounting

Following the successful conclusion in April 2009 of the EuroMed Market Programme – in which FCM participated as a regional expert – FCM has released a Communiqué calling for the continuation and development of Euro Mediterranean cooperation activities in the field of Auditing and Accounting.

The EuroMed Market Programme was organized by the European Commission with the ultimate goal to contribute to the creation of a free trade area between the European Union and its nine Mediterranean Partners (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Tunisia), as well as Turkey by 2010. The programme had the objective to deepen some priority topics, one of which was Auditing and Accounting.

FCM believes that the EuroMed Market Programme was a very important step forward in starting an effective convergence process towards the creation of a Euro Mediterranean free trade area and that effective action should now be planned to ensure that this process continues.