The Federation is governed by a Council, which consists of one representative appointed by each member body of the Federation. The Council may delegate discussion to the Technical Committee and task forces. Members of the Technical Committee and task forces shall be drawn from among the Federation’s members, and from others as approved by the Council. The Technical Committee and task forces shall make recommendations to the Council and Executive Committee on technical matters and issues.

During any twelve-month period the Council shall meet not less than two times. The Council will convene as a General Assembly meeting twice a year in April/ May to approve the annual report and the Financial Statements and in November to approve the budget for the following year; and every two years to appoint a new President & Vice President. The President shall convene the meetings of the Council.

The Council will appoint from among its members the Executive Committee which will be composed of the President, Vice President, the treasurer, and two board members.

FCM Executive Members:

FCM President & Vice President

FCM President Mr. Philippe Arraou France
FCM Vice President Mr Panagiotis Alamanos Greece

Members of the FCM Executive Committee as of January 1st 2020 for two-year mandate

FCM President Mr. Panayotis Alamanos Greece
FCM Vice President Mr. José María Casado Raigón Spain
FCM Treasurer Mr. Giorgio De Giorgi Italy