Annual Conferences

17th FCM Annual Conference -The implementation of Quality Control for Services other than Audit- Madrid November 21st 2019 FCM & CGE

The 17th FCM Annual Conference took place on November 21, 2019 in Madrid and was co-organised with the Consejo General de Economistas de España ( CGE).

17th Annual Conference Program

FCM presented its Guide for the implementation of Quality Management for Services other than Audit. The purpose of this Guide-drafted by Fédération des Experts-Comptables Méditerrannéens (FCM), is to provide practical guidance to the institute of professional accountants that would like to set up a Quality Management of their members for services other than audit.

FCM Guide on Quality Management: Preamble

In most countries, audit is subject to a public supervision and inspections are carried by an audit oversight to control the quality of the audits performed. This is a case in all European Union Member States in line with the statutory audit directive and regulation and it is also the case in many countries outside of the European Union.